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Tenacious Faith: The Spiritual Violent

What does it mean to have Tenacious Faith? What does it look like to be Spiritually Violent?


Part 2: What is the Lord doing with us?

Please watch this short video, where Derrick takes a few minutes to share his heart regarding Awaken the Dawn and TheCall: Rise Up.


What’s the Lord doing with us now?

Check out this “quick” video to be encouraged and find out what the Lord is up to!

Awaken The Dawn: The Story

TheCall: RiseUp

Fundraising Site:

Perfected Provision

We do not act like it, but we are very fragile beings.  If one thing goes wrong in our bodies we could quickly be on our way to meet our Maker.  From a young age we are taught we need 3 things to service: If those three things are covered than we have a chance to make it.  The basics…

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