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Desire Spiritual Gifts

The big “P” word…


Let’s be honest, the gift of prophecy has gotten a bad wrap because some who operate in the gift neglected the first call: 

“Let love be your highest goal! 

1 Cor 14:1 NLT

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What’s the Lord doing with us now?

Check out this “quick” video to be encouraged and find out what the Lord is up to!

Awaken The Dawn: The Story

TheCall: RiseUp

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What’s Salt Got To Do With It?

There are many arguments that the Bible contradicts itself, therefore how can it be 100% accurate or trustworthy? This post is not to argue any ‘contradictions’ that are in the Bible.  I love that the 4 Gospels are so very similar, and yet they are 4 different views of the events that unfolded!  It just like with any event, every…

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