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Unmasking the lies of Abortion in America:The Notes and Audio come from a teaching done at an Encounter God Service in Chico, CA.

Derrick takes the time in part 1 to break down and expose the ties of the abortion industry in America and Eugenics by examining the history of the movement.  The Founder of Planned Parenthood Margret Sanger was a devote hardline eugenicist who believed, “dead weight of human waste” should be “eliminate[d]”.*

Derrick goes straight to the heart of the matter in part 2. PLEASE LISTEN TO BOTH PARTS

*Green, Tanya L. “The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Plan for Black Americans.” Concern Women for America. 1 May 2001. 2 March 2006
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The Call and Ministry of a Forerunner:

The Notes and the Audio come from a 5 week class taught at The PrayerHouse in Chico CA.

In this class it is my goal to rightly emphasize the call and ministry of a forerunner and to paint a larger picture of the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of this particular calling.  As a Premise, I want it to be made clear that in these 5 weeks, I will but paint a picture.  But it will take time to individually dive in and study this topic.  We must continue to seek the Father’s Heart on this issue.     -Derrick Sanderson