Faith Builders: Action

God likes to break out of the boxes that we place Him in.  He also likes to speak through things that we many times believe to be ordinary.

We were watching Moana today with my son, for abou the 20th time, and the Lord absolutely pierced my heart.

(warning: if you have not seen the movie, and don’t want me to ruin it for you, then stop reading)

The basic premises of the movie is the main character Moana is suppose to be the next chief of the people, on this little island surrounded by a reef.  Since she was a baby, she was drawn to the water, and something unique happens to her when she is a toddler where she interacts with the ocean and the ocean gives her “the heart of tafitie” that was stolen by a demi-god.

Needless to say, when the “heart” was stolen, a great darkness started to spread.  Her father is constantly keeping Moana away from the water and repeats multiple times, “no one goes beyond the reef.”

Moana’s father takes her up, high on the mountain, there is a stack of rocks, each placed by the previous chief.  Moana is drawn to the sea, beyond the reef, but her father interjects as they look down on the village:

“Moana, it’s time for you to be who they need you to be.”

There was a certain destiny that her father and the village had placed on her.  Unfortunately, the destiny they perceive is in fact a gross misrepresentation of what her true destiny is and that there were bigger plans for her life.

Soon, death begins to impact the village.  The coconuts are producing rotten fruit and all the fish have fled.

Moana’s grandma falls ill, and as her father and mother gather around the grandma, grandma motions for Moana to grab a boat and leave, to restore the heart, that this death and disease would end.

Moana ends up going on this crazy journey, called and sent, to restore the heart.  She had to put action to the proddings in her heart.  She had to finally yield to the passion and the mystery that had been in her heart.

I wonder how many times we have yielded to the voices and expectations around us?

I wonder how many times we have pushed down the passion and mysteries that have risen up inside us?

I wonder how many times we have explained away the proddings of the Holy Spirit?

There comes a time when we must move, we must act, there MUST BE ACTION.



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