The Cusp of History

Year: 2008
Location: Washington D.C.

That season forever changed my life.  My heart became forever knit to a city.

I first heard about The Call and stadium gatherings in early 2007, when The Call was preparing a Joel 2 gathering in Nashville, TN on 07.07.07, tho my heart was compelled to go, I was in the beginning of a 6 month internship, that would ultimately lead me to D.C.

Soon thereafter, it was announced that intercessors were needed in Washington D.C. to contend in the place of prayer, partnering with Justice House of Prayer-DC, TheCall, and Bound4Life.  I felt a quickening in my heart and spirit, and I knew that I needed to be one of those on the front line.

I learned early on, that results driven ministry will always leave you broken and despondent.  But a focus on Jesus, and my life before Him, would always leave me satisfied.  (For those who are familiar with shulamite and the nazarite in the bible, we must carry ourselves in the tension of the two)

After pouring my life and soul into the place of prayer, I was still filled with a hope when the elections of 2008 did not end in the way that we had envisioned.  Yet still, I knew deep down, it was all in God’s hands, and soon He would answer the Church’s cry in America.

Almost 9 years later, I find myself even further on the cusp of a historic move of God that will sweep the United States of America.  There is a mighty awakening coming to the land, and we must prepare our hearts, that we might be able to help usher it in.

Enter now, Awaken the Dawn.


50 States. 50 Tents. One Voice.


I have been given the amazing opportunity to compile a team of worshipers and intercessors from Chico, CA to go to Washington D.C. and join our voices to the many.

Jesus is Worthy.

The cost to host an event like this is a staggering amount in and of itself, but to God, it is but a drop in the bucket!

I am asking that you would consider giving financially in 1 of 2, if not both ways.

  1. Give directly to Awaken the Dawn and TheCall: Rise Up to help cover the cost to host such an event

  2. Partner with my family and I as we embark on this historic journey, and help support others financially who feel the leading of Holy Spirit to make the journey. (Read a little more of our story)



Below are a couple videos that highlight the event and what it is all about:



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