When loss is met by Jesus…

Yesterday was not a typical Sunday.  It started out like one, but soon took a drastic left turn.  During worship in our first service at Neighborhood Church, I received a text from a friend asking for an urgent prayer request.

Did you see this from Sarah V. re: Wineroths’s. We need to pray. Plz share w our Church.

Please pray. Now. Please.  We were going to airport for trip to Mexico orphanage and my dads suburbn with him and mom and my sisters family blew a tire. It flipped. Totaled. My mom was unconscious without a pulse.  Sutter Roseville Hospital. Please pray. I don’t know if April’s family is ok or not.

What ensued over the next 10 minutes was person after person coming to the front pew and notifying us of the same thing.

As we transitioned out of a time of worship, one of the leaders got up on stage and notified the congregation so we could pray.  As he shared the words, “she was/is unconscious and has no pulse…” there was an audible gasp in the room as what joy was once evident, now left…

I was asked during the transition, if I could facilitate a time of prayer in the chapel for those who felt the need to pray and process through what was just shared.

As my fellow brothers and sisters began to enter the chapel, my heart sunk to a whole new level.  I did not know the Wineroth’s very well, but my heart was so grieved for the potential loss of life, and the impact it would have on thousands of people.

As we began to pray, the tangible, manifest presence of God entered that chapel in the form of Peace.  Jesus walked into the room.  Some sobbing, some rocking back and forth, and others crying out in prayer for Life to be restored to Judi’s body.

The second service was similar…the same type of reaction…

In looking back and reflecting on yesterday, I have come to a few realizations.  

  1. I am beyond thankful that I belong to a Church Body that is willing to stop and interrupt the schedule to meet a need.  Whether it be physical or in prayer.  I have been to a few churches in my day where this was not the case.  I am thankful for the leadership our pastors and laypersons have given to help steward the hearts of God’s people.

  2. God has a knack for dropping me into situations where loss is fresh.  Countless times He has brought me into situations, unknown to me, where death has occurred.  I am still not 100% sure why, other than He has called us to Mourn with those who Mourn.

  3. Loss is always met by Jesus.

I cannot begin to fathom the heartache that this family is feeling over the loss of a wife, mother, grandmother…there is no magic formula to take away the pain.  For anyone who has dealt with loss, you know this to be true.  

But as a follower of Jesus, we do have a hope.  Loss is ALWAYS met by JESUS. His arms are opened wide, and He waits for us to come running into His arms of Love, that He can hold us tight…



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