Failed Calling: The Dismemberment of Shepherding God’s Children

It has been happening for a long time. I have tired to stick my head in the sand for too long. I have actively partaken in the downfall and failure of so many of Gods Shepherds by my active choice to remain silent. But I will remain SILENT NO MORE!

I was horrified the first time I heard it. A well respected and well known pastor shared behind closed doors how he counciled this young married couple to have an abortion.

There are many coalitions and faith based groups that claim to be Pro-Abortion and Pro-Jesus. This is something that has never made sence to me. In my humble opinion God’s word is very clear on the issue.  God has a very high value for life, just look at this verse in Jeremiah:



And then we see this powerful truth proclaimed by David in the book of Psalms:


God cares greatly about His children, and so He has raised up and appointed people to shepherd His people:

“And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭3:15‬ ‭NLT‬

And God clarifies further what that job discription is:

““So guard yourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood —over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as elders.”
‭‭Acts of the Apostles‬ ‭20:28‬ ‭NLT

The call is to teach and guard Gods children.  But what do they need to be guarded from? The enemy of our soul, Satan.  And what exactly is it that the enemy of our soul wants to do?


There are many  shepherds that God has anointed, that have failed.  They have fallen short and MUST REPENT!

I do not comprehend how a man or woman who is called to protect Gods children, willingly hand them over to the enemy by encouraging them to kill their children!

As a spiritual leader you are in direct conflict with God’s first command:


There is also a call for us as followers of Jesus to help keep each other accountable.  Accountability is a scary thing initially, because the enemy wants us trapped in our own sin and failures. God wants to bring forgiveness and healing.

Church, it’s time we hold our leaders accountable.  But I urge you to do it in Love and Humility.



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