The Church of America vs Cultural Acceptance: aka ‘The Social Norm’

What a powerful reminder. We must never stray from the Truth.

Inside the Heart and Mind of a Jesus Freak

For a long time what Society has deemed as normal, ultimately changes. For instance lets look at the rating of movies. What would have been deemed by society as a rated ‘R’ movie 20 years ago, is now rated ‘PG-13’.  There use to be a rating called ‘X’, but that has disappeared from society in america all together.  There is now a ‘newer’ rating called ‘NR’ which stands for ‘Note Rated’.  Most of these movies have such corse behavior or concepts in them, that they don’t even get rated! They are not even worthy of a rating!

The Social Norm all together is different than it was 50 years ago. Through out the decades and centuries, the Cultural and Social Norms have tried to change the Christian Church. At times it has succeeded and other times it has failed.

What has the Cultural and Social Norm done to the Church…

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