My Target Conundrum

Recently Target released a statement about their newest initiative to broaden their inclusivity of all those associated with their company, not just its employees but customers as well. 
Now Target is allowing transgender individuals to use which ever restroom or dressingroom they self-idemtify with. 

For the sake of time, I will keep this short. 

Here is my conundrum:

  1. Target is a business and I am all for business running their business the way they want (within the law)
  2. I believe the issue of self-identification as transgender is a social and psychological issue, not a biological issue
  3. Common decency and the safety of all is at risk. Why can’t Target designate specific bathrooms/dressingrooms for people who self-identify as transgender?
  4. My biggest concern is that Target has No Way to Enforce on a day to day basis their decision to allow this. One moment a man could self-identify as a man and the next day self-identify with a woman. 

What is Target going to do to ensure the safety of all its Guests and Employees?

How can one enforce its belief upon all?

You can read Targets own statement here



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