Resolutions and Followers of Jesus

I have never been a big fan of resolutions, there is something about them that just does not seem right.  Every year millions of resolutions are made by well intentioned people…the problem, how many are actually carried out?

In spending time in prayer I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me…

Derrick, why do my people make resolutions when I want a revolution?

This has been something I have been pondering for a while.  Why do we as Followers of Jesus make resolutions?  Why do we make promises to ourselves and others about how “Next Year” will be “better” or “different”?  After all that is what a resolution is: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I believe that if as Followers of Jesus, first sought Him out and what He has for us in the New Year, He would make it abundantly clear.

Most resolutions focus on changing something about ourselves.  The only way we will have true lasting change in our lives is through the transformational power of the Holy Spirit.  When we invite and allow the Holy Spirit in to our lives, He WILL Revolutionize us!  

Many believers cry out for revival, but what many fail to understand is that revival must first start in our own hearts.  If we want to see a Revolution of Jesus sweep our cities, states, and nations, we must first allow Him to Completely sweep our hearts!

So instead of creating a list of New Year’s Resolutions, how about you ask Holy Spirit to come and completely, utterly, and radically change you from the inside out?


Now thats a REVOLUTION!






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