Exposing the Lies | One Man’s Heart Cry

1 Decade.  10 Years. 3,652 Days. 87,658 Hours. 5,259,480 Minutes.

It all started in 2005, I had just been exposed to a book Red Moon Rising that chronicles the history of prayer.  I had a fire that ignited in the deepest depth of who I am.  Soon after I was connected with a small prayer room in the upper room of a church on the corner of Charles and Fry in Saint Paul, MN.  God truly began to birth in me the Call to Prayer, and even more so, the Call to Intercession.

One of my dear friends Keri gave me a CD, little did I know how this CD would change my life.  This CD contained the audible story of Bound4LIFE.  As I listened to this CD in my tiny apartment, I was overcome by a spirit of Intercession and began to weep and groan in prayer for the unborn.  The course of my life had been significantly altered.

I started to pray once a week in the Rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol building, soon it was not unusual to be joined by 5-10 other individuals joining me in prayer.  I soon became connected to many people and had the privilege to stand on the House of Representatives floor and intercede for LIFE as a very evil bill was to be presented and voted on.  God did some amazing things in that season.

In 2008 I found myself on a plane flying out to Washington DC to partner directly with Bound4Life and JHOP-DC (Justice House of Prayer) leading up to the 2008 Elections and TheCall-DC.  It was in this season that God began to birth in me the vision for Exposing The Lies.

I began to pray that God would Expose the Lies of the Enemy, specifically in the area of Abortion, more specifically the lies believed by The Church of America.

This has been the Cry of My Heart.

I soon found out that I was not the only one praying for this, but God had been raising up tens of thousands of intercessors to weep and pray for this very issue.

It is amazing when God reaches down from Heaven and places something in the deepest depth of who you are.  It absolutely consumes you.  It is even more amazing when you start to see the answer to your prayers unfold.

In recent weeks there have been videos released by a group.  These videos are placing a spotlight on the darkness of America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.  These videos are exposing the lies. (you can watch the video’s here)

This is the Most Disturbing reality…many proclaiming Christians still support Planned Parenthood.  Even in the wake of these videos released.  There is an absolute division in the Church of America.  I have seen countless professing Christians post to social media #IStandwithPP  or #StandWithPP.  

God has began to Expose the Lies, but I tell you, He is about to Expose the Lies the Church in America believes!  This is but a glimpse of what God is about to do!


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