Dreams and Naysayers

When you have a dream in your heart…

Has God ever given you a dream?  Has He ever spoken crystal clear to your heart?  Has God ever promised you anything?

It is a beautiful and mysterious thing to have the Creator of All things come and speak to your heart.  The most powerful thing about when God speaks to you, it is always True.

I have gone through many seasons of journaling the things I feel God is speaking to me, and it is a very powerful and hopeful thing to go back and read those things…to see that some of those things have already come true.  And yet in the moments that should bring me hope, my heart becomes heavy and I long to hear His voice that same way, yet again.

The amazing thing about God’s Dreams…

His dreams will bring you hope.  His dreams will bring you naysayers.

The motivation of a naysayer can be as different as day and night, yet almost always are rooted in the same foundation: Doubt that God is good

Many people have had their dreams crushed by others or even ‘life’s circumstance’ and so whether they do it willingly or subconsciously, they try to do the same to others…

Those closest hurt the most…

We see this reality played out in Genesis 37, the story of Joseph and the dreams that God has given him.  Many would argue that most of the original fault lies with Joseph for sharing the dreams with his family prematurely, and though I understand that reality I believe there is a bigger truth to be learned.

I believe that Joseph was excited because God gave him a dream, and so he shared it.

Like many people who hear the dreams of those around them, jealousy, anger, and bitterness can rise up to crush dreams.  Similar to what was said of Jesus, “A prophet is rarely accepted in his home town”.

Unconventional means to an answer…

Many fall into the lie that because God gave a dream, they know exactly how it will play out…unless God has revealed the path to fulfilled promise, it will seem most times, very unconventional.

You see, Joseph’s dream was that His family would come and bow down before him one day…but how God fulfills the dream is by using the reality that Joseph shared His dream with his family.  In the midst of His brothers selling him off, I can imagine he was hurt and confused…until the famine hit, and they unknowingly came to him…bowing down.

The enemy wants to use the voice of naysayers to crush God’s dreams.  God wants to use the voice of naysayers to fulfill His dreams.


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