Skewed Reality: A look into what Pro-Choice really is

I recently posted an article from a website called Salon to my Facebook, it was titled: I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice.  Salon is one of the most liberal filled content sites on the internet.  But even this article is out there.  Here are the top 10 reasons why the author believes Abortion is necessary:

  1. I’m pro-abortion because being able to delay and limit childbearing is fundamental to female empowerment and equality.
  2. I’m pro-abortion because well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life.
  3. I’m pro-abortion because I take motherhood seriously.
  4. I’m pro-abortion because intentional childbearing helps couples, families and communities to get out of poverty.
  5. I’m pro-abortion because reproduction is a highly imperfect process.
  6. I’m pro-abortion because I think morality is about the well-being of sentient beings.
  7. I’m pro-abortion because contraceptives are imperfect, and people are too.
  8. I’m pro-abortion because I believe in mercy, grace, compassion, and the power of fresh starts.
  9. I’m pro-abortion because the future is always in motion, and we have the power and responsibility to shape it well.
  10. I’m pro-abortion because I love my daughter

What this author has shown is the truest reality for the Pro-Choice camp.  To be Pro-Choice is in fact to be Pro-Abortion.

If you are unfamiliar with Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, many of these thoughts and ‘ideals’ can be found at the very foundation of her beliefs and why Planned Parenthood became Planned Parenthood.

This post is not to refute line by line what this author has written, that is for another day.  This post is to expose the skewed reality of the Pro-Choice view and that in fact they are Pro-Abortion.

At the very core of this set of beliefs is selfishness.  Many of these statements prove that abortion is for the mother, not her child.

The rhetoric found in the mentioned article have been perpetuated since the early 1900s as Margaret Sanger and her goons began to trumpet these same statements.  A little research shows that all of these ideas are steeped in eugenics, simply masked by ‘women’s rights and equality’.

Mrs Valerie Tarico, the mother of all lies, Ms. Sanger would be so proud of you!  You are the type of women she envisioned, enslaved to a skewed reality of what womanhood and equality really are!  Congratulations.


  One thought on “Skewed Reality: A look into what Pro-Choice really is

  1. speakingforlife
    May 2, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    I read that article as well, and I agree that it is based on selfishness and lack of consideration of the unborn life. I’ve written about how pro-choice and pro-abortion are linked. It’s scary that some people think that way.

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