Mixed Priorities: Homosexual Marriage, Vaccination, and Abortion

As Americans, we are coming into an unprecedented season.  The Supreme Court will hear a case on Tuesday April 28, 2015, and make a ruling on Homosexual Marriage.  Many believe that the Court will rule in favor of redefining marriage away from one man and one woman.  Whether you agree or disagree on if Marriage between two men or two women should be legal really has no place in this discussion.  The Supreme Court was never created to create new law.  We have been overrun by activist judges who would rather rewrite the Constitution, than defend it.  The Constitution is clear, this should be decided at the state level.

Our Supreme Court has their priorities all mixed up!

As a Californian, our lawmakers have their priorities all mixed and jumbled!  They do not know what is up or down…We are in the midst of a historical drought and the lawmakers would rather create bills to strip parental rights and impose its will on pregnancy centers than deal with a crisis.

SB277:  Mandatory Vaccination for All Children

SB277’s goal is to impose mandatory vaccination on all children.  If fully passed, would require every child to be vaccinated.  The major danger here is not to prevent an outbreak, rather striping the rights away of every parent in California.  Not only does it strip away parental rights, it denies any child that is not completely current on vaccinations of Public Education.  If this bill is passed, there will be NO EXEMPTION for religious or philosophical reasons.

Religious freedom:
“Within the Constitution embraces not only the right to worship God according to the dictates of one’s conscience, but also the right to do, or forbear to do, any act, for conscience sake, the doing or forbearing of which is not inimical to the peace, good order, and morals of society.” (Barnette v. West Virginia State Board of Education, D.C.W.Va. 47 F. Supp. 251, 253,254; Jones v. City of Moultrie, 196 Ga. 526,27 S.E. 2d 39)

Did you know that many vaccinations have aborted fetal cells in them?


This bill would require every child, no matter if they attend Public School, Private School, or even home schooled.  If you as a parent refuse to allow your child to be vaccinated CPS (Child Protective Services) can forcibly remove your child from your home.

This is outrageous!  Not to mention the thousands that have been injured and/or killed by vaccines! (yes it happens)

AB 775: Referral for Abortions

AB775 is a bill that would require all Pregnancy Centers to refer clients for abortions.  Ministries that provide any type of service to pregnant women, even free pregnancy tests,  will be required to tell all clients that they have a right to an abortion.  If the Pregnancy Center does not do this, they can be fined for each offence $500 for the 1st and $1000 for each additional.

This bill will be voted on Tuesday April 28th, 2015.

As previously stated, our leaders and lawmakers are all sorts of mixed up!  How long will we allow our elected officials to decree unrighteous laws?  Our Liberties are being taken away and there is little outrage…

pray vote obey



  • God would reveal wisdom and truth to lawmakers and judges
  • God would reveal wisdom and truth to every Californian and American
  • God would strike down these horrific bills


  • vote for righteous leaders
  • vote against unrighteous leaders
  • vote for ballot initiatives that line up with your moral/religious belief


  • contact your legislator and tell them to vote (No on both bills)
  • share information and links on your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media outlet
  • show up if you can to the capital to show/voice your opinion



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