Selfless Compassion

31 Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat. 32 So they left by boat for a quiet place, where they could be alone. 33 But many people recognized them and saw them leaving, and people from many towns ran ahead along the shore and got there ahead of them. 34 Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things. – Mar 6:31-34 NLT

What would it look like if we really were like Jesus?  That we would be moved with such compassion we would adapt and change our plans?  The amazing thing about Jesus, He saw a need and He met it, and yet He only did what He saw the Father doing…It is then safe to say that God the Father cares about our needs, knows our needs, and wants to meet those needs!

News about him(Jesus) spread as far as Syria, and people soon began bringing to him all who were sick. And whatever their sickness or disease, or if they were demon possessed or epileptic or paralyzed–he healed them all. – Mat 4:24 NLT

What would it look like if we allowed compassion to lead us?  Is this not what a Christian looks like?

Compassiona feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.


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