Heaven’s Highlight Reel

There is no such thing as a Superstar Christian.

Sadly, in American culture many people hold their religious leaders up to the same degree as their favorite sports hero.  They worship and idolize this ‘superstar of faith’.  We tend to take this same approach when reading our Bibles.  We read stories about Moses leading the people of Israel out of captivity, Noah building the ark, Peter walking on water, Paul and the other disciples turning the known world upside down, disciples healing people, raising them from the dead…and we fall into the trap of believing that those type of things are reserved for the superstar elite Christians.

We forget that every single one of these people are mere mortals just as ourselves.  Through the Holy Spirit we are told this:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” – Jhn 14:12 NLT

We are all capable of greater works.  The difference between experiencing these greater works and not is very simple:

Willingness and Obedience

When I get to heaven, one of the things I cant wait to experience is to watch the Highlight Reels.  To watch these crazy events of people being willing to be used by God!  But it also makes me wonder, “Will I make the highlight reel?” 

I do not follow Jesus because I want to get on the highlight reels of heaven, I follow Jesus because of not only what He has done through life, death, and life again…but because He is Worthy, and without Him I am utterly nothing.

I want to make my mark on human history.  I want to make an impact that may look like a ripple, but in the years to come would turn into a tidal wave of epic proportions.

And yet, when all is said and done, all that really matters is hearing “Well done my child!”.

So today, I pick up my cross yet again, bearing the weight with hope, peace, joy, and a dream.

The highlight reels of Heaven will be full of epic stories we are familiar with, but it is my belief that those epic events will only make up a very small portion of the reels.  What will mostly be on the Highlight Reels are scenes of every day people like you and me, chasing after Jesus, fully abandoned, changing the world one small decision and action at a time.

Lets fill up those Highlight Reels!


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