So, What’s Next?

If you have been following the blog here at RevolutionFIREMinistries you have probably noticed we started to post daily on Ash Wednesday.  In all reality, it was a pseudo experiment, I felt the challenge by God for Lent to spend at least 1 hour with Him every morning as my form of ‘fasting’.  It has been a journey to say the least, I made it 39 out of the ’40’ days and then all 7 days of Holy Week.

Many of the blog posts related to what the Lord was doing in my own heart during that time, and others, things He had already placed in my heart that I now had the ability to share.

I understand…

In hindsight I have learned/relearned two truths about myself

  1. I am an external processor.  Blogging is a great tool to help process what the Lord is trying to teach and show me
  2. I was not very consistent in setting apart time to spend with Him

These two points oddly enough are 2 keys to relationship.  We must set aside time to spend with the people that we claim are important to us, ie JESUS. And the other, we must be able to process and communicate within that relationship and about that relationship.

Leading up to this season the Lord sat me down for a DTR.(my youth ministry days are starting to show)

Define The Relationship

He asked me some very simple yet very challenging questions…many of which I am still processing through, and I am sure will turn into a few blog posts.

The conversation was similar to the one He had with Peter after He had resurrected…

Derrick, do you love me?”

Jesus, you know I do.

“Derrick, do you love me?”

Jesus, you know I do!

“Derrick, do you love me?”

Jesus, you know I do!

Derrick, than feed my sheep.”

And so other than being an external process, I want to share what I am learning that the Body of Christ might be challenged, encouraged, and benefit from my own experience.  Oh that we would provoke one another to fall more and more in love with Jesus!


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