Disturbing report of how Millennials view life issues

A report was released on Friday March 27th, 2015 by the seemingly non-partisan organization Public Religion Research Institute outlining a survey done among 2,314 adults ages 18 to 35 discussing issues of sexuality and other life issues.  You can find the press release here.

This latest report only certifies and puts into writing what many have already assumed to be true about Millennials:

Morality in the United States of America is becoming twisted and up for interpretation.  We see more proof that the next generation of leaders have a significantly skewed view of morality than the generation previous.  I am but an anomaly in my generation, a voice calling out in the wilderness.

The condition of this nation is a direct judgement on the Church of America.  It is the Church whom is suppose to hold the line and rightly teach morality to the minds and hearts of the next generation.  Instead we have forsaken the Gospel of Jesus and have turned ourselves over to ‘relevant’ teaching and compromised theology on what the standard is.

This report simply shows that the voice of the Church has been silenced and we have allowed the institutions and outside voices to teach our children what is right and wrong.

Moralrelating to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical

The Breakdown:

-More than two-thirds of millennials say that emphasizing safe sexual practices and birth control is a better way to    prevent unintended pregnancy than emphasizing abstinence from sex. 

-Nearly one in five millennial women report having used emergency contraception at some point, and roughly three in ten say a close friend or family member has used this form of birth control.

-More than seven in ten millennials say that using artificial birth control is morally acceptable, compared to fewer than one in ten who say it is morally wrong.

-Most millennials oppose requiring a prescription to obtain emergency contraception, like the “morning after” pill.

-On the issue of abortion, millennials strongly factor specific circumstances into their moral evaluations. More than one-third of millennials say having an abortion is morally wrong, compared to 21% who say it is morally acceptable—but a plurality (39%) say that the morality of a decision to have an abortion depends on the particular situation.

Over 1/3 of Millennials state that morality is subject to situation.  It is as if the term “Absolute Truth” does not exist in their vocabulary.  Millennials would much rather shift with the sands and winds of time than rather make a stand on what is right or wrong.

We must allow the findings of this report to open our eyes.  If the Church does not stand up and take its proper place and fulfill its proper role in society, an entire generation and nation will be swept away to indifference and subjective morality. 


View the Questionnaire Numbers here Topline Finale

View final report here Report about Millennials



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