Answer Your Calling | Designed for Purpose

Each and every person is different.  Some may have similarities to another, but in reality the only thing we have in common is our humanity, that is the state of being Human.  Our genetic makeup is even similar to one another, and yet they are all different!

You were created for a purpose!  Think of a jigsaw puzzle piece…

You were created and designed with a purpose, to fit perfectly into your place in the bigger picture.  So many times we try to fit into places we were never created to be.  You may think it is right, but you never really fit…no matter how hard you try…
puzzel wrong

The Apostle Paul had great insight into this:

24 But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus–the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. – Act 20:24 NLT

Your designed purpose may not be remotely close to that of Paul’s, but we can learn so much from Paul’s attitude and outlook.

Paul counted his life as nothing, unless he pursued and finished what God had created and called him to do.  There was no satisfaction in his life apart from his calling.

There a a few different groups that people can fall into:

  1. You have no idea what your calling is, what you were created to do, what your purpose is
  2. You have dreamt about and have an idea what you’re calling might be, but it seems impossible
  3. You have tried to pursue your calling but were met with difficulty and failing and so you have stopped pursuing it
  4. You know your call and you are either taking the steps to fit into that place, or you are already operating in that place

No matter where you are on the journey of life, if you do not know your calling or the purpose for which you were created, you will never find fullness or feel fully satisfied.  You will settle into a life that is draining, and be easily swayed by the wind that blows.

What makes you Angry, Mad, or Sad?  What makes you shake your fist in frustration?  Many times, those things are a good place to start the journey of discovering why you created.

By asking myself those questions, I discovered I was created to proclaim Truth and help destroy the lies that many people believe.  I have a Heart for Justice.  These two things do not mean I need to go to Law school and become an attorney or a judge.  What it does mean is that it gave me a starting place to ask more questions.  I have a good idea what it is that God has really called me to and tho I am not fully in the midst of it, I am taking steps in that direction and being faithful with what I have.

Never stop asking questions.  Never stop pursuing your dreams.  Never stop pursuing your Call.  You will only truly fit, where you were created to fit.  Stop fighting what you were designed to do!  Find your puzzle, and find where you fit to complete the beautiful masterpiece



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