Fear. The Unknown.

Sometimes the unknown can be a very fearful thing, not being able to see or know what is just around the corner.  There really is no magic formula to overcome fear, no easy 1-2-3 or even a 12 step program…fear finds its way into our lives at the most opportunistic times.  Fear  is not a respecter of persons, it does not care who you are or what your life’s circumstances are…it only has 1 thing on its mind: Control

Fear does not just want to influence your choices and decisions, it wants complete control of them.  Fear is the most powerful tool that the Enemy of our Soul has in his tool belt.  He will, lie, cheat, and steal to open a door of fear in your mind and in your life.  Fear usually starts with a thought, regardless of the circumstance or situation, that thought opens a door to fear if you let it.

Scripture speaks of Jesus knocking on the door, waiting for us to come and open the door and let him in(Rev 3:20) He even says, “if anyone hears my voice…”.  The enemy does the same thing, except he does not want to bring peace and dine with you, he wants to come in, trash your house, steal your money, steal your car, and even try to kidnap your family.  If you open the door to the enemy, he will do much damage.

The enemy usually does not come barging into your house, it usually starts with a very small thought, a door that is not locked, or that we freely open…

If Jesus has already come in to dine with you, to be in relationship and fellowship, the enemy is less likely to just come barging in.  You see, Jesus loves to bind up the strong man, the one who comes to mess with our lives.  If Jesus is already in your home, and if you really have allowed Him, you would think if there was a knock at the door He would also respond…

Believe it or not, Jesus is a soft spoken gentleman, so is the Holy Spirit.  Neither one are going to step into someone elses home and start ordering them around, it is your house, you have the choice of opening the door, leaving it closed, letting in whoever you want to.

Jesus will always whisper a still small voice, raise the red flag, check in your gut…and if you still let the enemy in, He will not desert you.  Jesus will remind you that He is there and who you just let in your house…Jesus is a gentleman right?  He wont kick the enemy out of your house, He will tell you, “And these signs will follow you who believe: In My name you will cast out demons, I will back you up, but I have given you the power and the authority to kick this guy out of your home!”

Fear should not have a foothold in a believers life, regardless, we all walk in and experience fear.  If you experience fear rising up in your mind or heart it is safe to say, that is NOT Jesus.  Rebuke that Fear IN Jesus name and command it to flee.

That fear will put up a fight, remember, it wants control.  Stand strong and steadfast in the power of the Holy Spirit! Rebuke the fear, rebuke the enemy, and invite the Peace of Jesus to come and control your life!



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