MLK: Truth IN Love

There is much Truth to be learned.  Truth must be delivered in Love.  Because we love, we declare TRUTH.  Just because Truth is not always comfortable does not mean it is an Un-Truth.  Here is TRUTH:

Never Forget MLK



What a powerful Truth.  We so easily forget this reality.  But there is something that is so much more sad, on a day we celebrate the man whom stood up for Moral Injustice, we neglect to acknowledge the very Moral Injustices we see today!  So many make today about petty injustice.   The TRUE injustice is this:

Today we allow innocent blood shed to be legal.  Just as in the days of Hitler, so today we turn a blind eye to the killing of innocence.  The murder of a child is LEGAL in America.

Abortion in America started long before Roe vs Wade.  The ideology of abortion predates the atrocities of Hitler.

Hitler was an ardent supporter of American Eugenicists.

While other countries only simulated United State’s model, Germany took eugenics to its most radical form. By the end of the 1920s, America realized that Germany was one of the new leaders in the global eugenics movement. The German eugenicists’ dream came true when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. He was a white supremacist and ardent follower and admirer of American eugenics.

Soon sterilization, euthanasia, abortion, anti-miscegenation laws, and concentration camps were established. Besides the millions killed in the gas chambers, hundreds were also killed in the camp labs in the name of eugenic research. In Auschwitz alone, 1,300 people were killed in twin experimentation. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, which oversaw the experimentations at Auschwitz.


Did you know that because of Hitler’s Atrocities the American Eugenicists had to change their tune?
History shows that the post-World War II eugenics campaign fell from its pinnacle because the world vowed they would not allow the atrocities of Hitler to happen again, at least, not again in that form. 

The essence of this strategy was to no longer promote eugenics openly but to achieve their objectives through other organizations. By selectively pouring their money into other movements, they could still remove the unfit from society by utilizing the public’s naiveté of what the organization’s true motives were. Their goal was still the same as the Nazis’, but they would pursue it in a way that would not lead to another Nuremburg Trial.


And so funding was poured into “The Birth Control Federation” run by Margaret Sanger the darling and role model and Founder of Planned Parenthood.


The Truth is, the Greatest Moral and Social Injustice of today is ABORTION!


And so on this day, when we celebrate and honor Dr. Martin Luther King JR. let us rightly understand the day in which we live. Let us rightly open ourselves to TRUTH that we may be Set Free!

The Spirit of Hitler is still raging on.  Who will be todays Martin Luther King JR.?


Just because it is ‘LEGAL’ does not mean it is Just


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