Not For The Faint Of Heart…

For those who know me, would probably not argue with my next statement:




Something that I am very passionate about is TRUTH.  The search for truth can take you on very unexpected, heart wrenching adventures.  I have been on an adventure since 2004.  This adventure has centered on the pursuit of the Truth behind Abortion. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…little did I know that my life would forever be changed.


I believe that God is a Creator.  I have always believed that, even when I didn’t fully know or believe He existed (funny as it sounds).

I believe that we are Created.

I was Created and Wired to be who I am.  Yes, life’s experiences help to mold who we are, but at our deepest depths we are wired for a purpose.  I am Wired to be VERY PASSIONATE!

I am a very Black or White person(I am not talking about ethnicity or race).

I HATE with a passion GREY.

I HATE that in-between state of Black or White.  It really is simple.

You either Like pickles, or you Hate pickles

You either Like winter/cold, or you Hate winter/cold

You either Follow Jesus, or you Don’t Follow Jesus

You either Love politics, or you Hate politics

SEE!  It really is that simple! You either LOVE something or you HATE something.  This is the lens that I perceive much of the World.  It is neither Right nor Wrong.  It is how I was Created to be.  Some might call me a RADICAL.

At the very core of who I am…I AM PASSIONATE!


God created me this way for a reason.  In 2004, I started the adventure of discovering just why that is a true statement, that I am a Passionate person. I never intended on starting the adventure you could say I was led into it.

You see, one of the most controversial words there is in our Modern Era is ABORTION.  It is a very emotional topic.  This topic can make the most quiet and non-confrontational person into a crazed emotional wrecking ball.  It is a very polarizing topic.  You cannot rightly describe the weight that the word abortion carries.

I have discovered that God created me as a Very Passionate person, that I might be a voice of TRUTH in the midst of LIES.  That I would be BOLD enough to PROCLAIM the TRUTH that I have found.

Believe it or not, the most controversial place to talk about abortion, CHURCH.  Yup, the very place you think you would find a general consensus that almost everyone would agree with a certain stance on the topic.  But if you bring up the topic of abortion in church, people look at you like you are crazy!  The very people whom are suppose to hold to the TRUTH of the Sanctity of Life.  The people group who are suppose to believe that abortion really is murder.  That abortion is the killing of an innocent person.

The TRUTH is, being Pro-Life in the midst of a people whom should hold to the teachings of the Bible, Is Not For The Faint Of Heart…


My passion is not something that I simply stir up.  My passion is not something I can simply suppress.  My passion is because of who I am.  I cannot deny myself.  I cannot tone down my passion.  To deny my passion is to deny my God who Created me.  I cannot deny Him.





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