A Christian Perspective: Reflections of Jury Duty


I had the honor of being not only summoned for Jury Duty, but being chosen to be Juror 10 in a civil trial.  Today was day 6, and as a Jury we came to a verdict.  These are my thoughts…

My Struggle:

Let me begin by first stating that I believe as an American Citizen it was my duty to serve on this Jury.  The Constitution of this Land, the Foundation on which it is laid, gives the Right to Trial.  It is a foundational truth.  And it is a Honor and a Duty to fulfill.  I will also admit that it is not easy, nor does it come without its sacrifices.

  1. Resting in the Lord in the midst of Chaos:As a Follower of Jesus, I have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of Me.  I also have the ability to discern and perceive what is going on not only in the Physical but in the Spiritual.  It is very easy to get distracted by what one is discerning, instead of focusing and resting in the Lord’s Faithfulness.
  2. I was created with a Passion for Justice:It would be safe to say that Justice is at the very core of who I am.  I love Mercy, and I love that My God is a God of Mercy. However He is a GOD of Justice.  He is Holy.In this particular case, an injustice was perceived.  After all, why else would you be in court?  I wanted to be a deliverer of Justice to the parties whom have suffered injustice.  And yet my fellow jurors did not see things the same way.

In a civil trial you only need the majority to agree.  9 of 12 Jurors to agree.  If that happens, you have your verdict.  It is so frustrating to have deliberations start, and the vote be 7 against and 5 for.  On the second vote which happened the following day, 5 against and 7 for. (I was for).  I felt like we were finally headed in the right direction!  No longer was I in the Minority and Justice was going to triumph!  After all, I spent time in prayer at the beginning of it all, feeling God’s peace, and being able to rest in knowing He is Faithful and True!)

It all changed.

We had the court reporter read back to us a key testimony that seemed to solidify and its evidence point towards a vote in favor of Justice.  Even the conversation was going in that Direction.  So we took a vote.

9 against and 3 for.

At this point in time my heart sank in my chest, I was grieved over what had just happened.  Injustice was going to prevail.  How do I justify what just happened…?  I know that Jesus is Faithful and True, and yet in front of me, it appears that just the opposite is true.  These two young ladies who suffered at the hands of injustice, and something that was completely out of their control, now have to go the rest of their lives without even an acknowledgement of their pain and suffering.  

This is where the rubber meets the road.  I completely disagree with 9 of my peers, but the Jury has spoken.  Though Justice has not been served, God is still a God of Justice, and He is Faithful and True.  I must continue to work through this struggle in my heart, but I must not let it weigh me down.  I must stand in a place of I have been faithful with my portion, and I have been Faithful to my God.

Jury Duty is not a cake walk, it is not a walk in the park.  It is a very serious matter, and it was an honor and a privilege to serve along side 11 others as we walked out the Constitution of the United States of America.


Finale Thoughts:

God wants relationship with His creation.  Creation being Humans.  Relationship is a two way street, there is an interaction that must take place.  We see throughout scripture, God’s redemptive plan executed in partnership with Humanity.  It is God’s heart and plan to partner with us.  This truth has never been so clear to me.

If that is true, then Humanity can delay the redemption and Justice of the Lord.


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