Missed Oportunities

Today I was ‘randomly’ transported back to an experience I had…

I was on my way flying back into Washington DC. About an hour after take off I pulled out my headphones and Bible to work on some teachings I was writing. But something in me felt as tho I should not put the headphones on.

Not to much later the man asked me what I was reading. I started to share my story. He began to share about how he is a Muslim and how he came to America for school.

He began asking me questions about why I read the Bible and why I believe.

talk about an open door!

He then asked me why there were so many markings in my Bible! He said “If it is really Holy, than how can you do that!?” I shared about how important it is to study the Word. And believe it or not, God would rather have me make notes and highlight things than let it sit on a shelf collecting dust!

what came out of his mouth next shocked me…

He leaned in and said, “I want to study the Bible, but I don’t have one.”

At this point in time I was so excited! I even had a brand new bible in my backpack!

I took it out and told Him it was new, and I wanted to give it to him. He told me He could not accept a new Bible from me. “I would rather you give me an older one. Not new.”

In that moment my heart sank…I didn’t want to give up the Bible that I had used for the last 4 years! All my notes and highlights! All the memories!!!

I have him my email and told him to email me is address and I would send him one…

the email never came…

I wonder how many times we miss the ability to bless others, simply because we have our own idea of what should be given…

Who knows what would have happened had I given Him my dirty used bible…?

One thing is for certain. My God is Faithful and True!