Forced to Slow Down

For those who do not know this about me, I have a passion for sound.  Not just any sound…but music, mixing, Disc Jockeying.  This past weekend I have the amazing opportunity to run sound for a Relay 4 Life event in Paradise California.  (Relay4Life) This event runs for 24hrs!

It was truly an honor to serve with the team of volunteers!

Needless to say, my night ended a little early…about 8hrs early.  I was taking some sound equipment off the stage around 2AM because we did not need some of it for the rest of the event.  I grabbed the microphone case with my left hand(about 45lbs) and stepped about 3ft down with my left foot first…

I felt my ankle role and bend 90°.  While at the same time feeling and hearing a very loud ‘POP’!  The events that proceeded happened in a blur…I was soon in the back of a SUV on the way to Feather Falls Hospital.  They took x-rays…no break. no fracture. But a Severe Sprain.


And so here I am, bound to the couch.  Forced to slow down.  I am a firm believer that God does not make these types of things happen, however He utilizes every situation possible to teach us…And sometimes He uses things to force us to Slow Down.


So in this place, I sit and wait on Holy Spirit to come and speak to me…and wait…and wait…and wait…


yes...this is it

yes…this is it



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