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Right around Thanksgiving my eye glasses broke.  This pair has lasted me a really long time.  But alas they were an older prescription(not the clearest vision), and the frames beginning to weaken.

In frustration I went to find a pair of my contacts, put them in, and they dont fit!

Here I am.  Blind.

To make matters worse, my vision insurance doesn’t take affect until January 1st.

And here in the midst is where the Lord Himself speaks.

The Sunday before the 1st of January, I was sitting in worship and the Lord began to speak to me about how this year would be a year of reFocus.  Not just for me, but many in the Church.

When things are out of focus, they are blurry.  Definitive lines are hard to see, objects apear to be something completely different than what they really are, and the true beauty is hard to see through the piercing pain of a perpetual headache.

BAM! It hits me!  My eye prescription was out dated.  And the frame that held the lenses that was once strong, is now fragile, weak, and broken.

And I didn’t even realize it! I had just grown accustomed to the way things were!

So here I am, my spiritual eyes have been dulling and blurry.  The headaches of life are magnified by the fact that I am not fully seeing clearly nor am I in focus.

Sure a picture can be worth a thousand words, but what good is it if you cant even see it?

Come Holy Spirit, help me to reFocus on You, the Holy Trinity! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  I wanna be a man of your presence! All I want to do, All I want to be, is so Focused on You!  Help me to see you clearly!  Help me to see you rightly!  Oh would you come and open my eyes! 

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