The Church is in desperate need of revival not only in individual hearts but in every aspect of the expression of Christianity(our faith). I am convinced that this revival will come only by aligning ourselves with the Word of God and coming before Him in intercession not only through prayer but as a lifestyle. Truly being the salt and light of the world and setting an example that shows the true reflection of “Christ-likeness”.

For too long, we the Church in America, have neglected the Call of Christ.  We have Ceased as a Whole, being the very Hands and Feet of Jesus.  We are not walking out the Call of Christianity-Being Jesus with Skin.

We are called to Transform Culture.  We are called to be vessels filled with Holy Spirit, and be poured out, to be ones who bring and steward Transformation.  We have been called to be Transformed by Holy Spirit, NOT the World.

We complain that the Culture/world are evil.  This is true.  But culture won’t be transformed until we as the Church are Transformed.

We Need a Baptism of Holy Spirit and Fire!

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